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Tumble Dryer Safety

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is warning people to take extra care when using tumble dryers following two fires in less than 72 hours. In the past year there has been a massive 20% increase in tumble dryer fires in comparison to the previous year.

"Appliances should not be overloaded and filters should be checked regularly to ensure they are not blocked. The correct cycle time should be selected and an appropriate service should be carried out as required by the manufacturer."

Fire and rescue crews from Hanley and Longton attended an incident on Westsprink Crescent in Weston Coyney in the early hours of this morning. The incident involved a tumble dryer that had set on fire due to an electrical fault.  Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus extinguished the fire using one hose reel jet. Two adults and four children were inside the property when the fire started, they made their way out of the house prior to the arrival of crews.

Station Manager, Phil Smith said “The occupants at the incident in Weston Coyney were living in rented accommodation and only had one working smoke alarm. Anybody who is renting out accommodation should ensure that there are at least two working smoke alarms fitted.

“The tenants were very lucky that they noticed the smoke coming from the kitchen. If the smoke had not been noticed the incident could have had far more serious consequences. We would urge anybody who does not have working smoke alarms to contact the fire service for a free Home Fire Risk Check on 0800 0241 999.”

At the weekend fire and rescue crews from Cheadle, Ipstones and Longton attended an incident at Splash Landings in Farley Lane in Alton over the weekend which involved at tumble dryer that had set on fire due to a build up of fluff in the filters and the internal casing. This is known to be a common cause of fire involving tumble dryers. Fortunately the fire was confined to the tumble dryer and no further damage was caused to the rest of the building.

Phil Smith continued “Occupants are advised to use tumble dryers and washing machines when they can be supervised. Ideally they should not be switched on and left to run overnight whilst people are sleeping. We would encourage people to switch off all electrical appliances when vacating the house and during the night to reduce the risk of fire in the home.”