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Fire on Cannock Chase Sparks Safety Warning

As the summer time approaches and the weather begins to warm up Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service are urging members of the public to take care when they are visiting Cannock Chase.

The warning comes following a severe fire on Friday afternoon which involved a square mile of Cannock Chase. 14 fire crews in total, from around the County, were called to the incident where they tackled the fire.  The cause of the fire is currently being investigated, however the Service are urging people be more aware about the dangers of fires on Cannock Chase.

"In April 2009 we attended a staggering 249 grass fire across the County. At this time of year heathland is very dry and coarse. This means that fires spread a lot quicker which has a severe impact on our environment and endangers near by properties and people who are out walking."

Head of Risk Reduction, Ian Sloss

Ian continued, "We would urge people visiting Cannock Chase to take extra care at this time of year and to follow the below safety advice."

  • Always ensuring cigarettes are fully extinguished; smoking materials should never be thrown out of a car window as they could start a fire and ruin the surrounding countryside.
  • Do not start open camp fires; always have them in safe and designated areas.
  • Never leave bottles or glass in woodlands as sunlight shining through the glass causes fire – take them home or put them in a bin nearby.
  • If you see a fire in the countryside report it immediately, never attempt tackle it yourself as grass fires cant be put out by buckets of water.