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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Incident on Market Street, Hednesford

Firefighters have tackled a fire at a hairdressing salon on Market Street in Hednesford. They were called to the incident just after 1 am this morning.

Crews from Cannock, Penkridge, Chase Terrace and the aerial ladder platform from Stafford were called to the incident which involved a fire inside the building, approximately 50 metres by ten metres.

"This fire is believed to have been started deliberately due to a refuge container which was set alight just outside of the property. Unfortunately the fire then spread from the refuge container to the rear of the hairdressing salon and to the first floor offices. Crews worked hard at the scene to stop the fire from spreading into adjoining properties. The aerial ladder platform was also used to tackle the blaze from above.

"We would urge members of the public to ensure that refuge containers are not overloaded with rubbish and where possible to store them away from buildings to prevent fires from spreading."

Station Manager, Rich Williams

This incident caused considerable fire damage to the hairdressing salon; one room of the business has been completely destroyed. Neighbouring businesses have also been affected by the heat and smoke as a result of the fire.

Rich continued; "Throughout the night crews were also called to two similar incidents within a close proximity to this fire. One of the fires was again on Market Street and the other one was on Station Road. Both of these fires are believed to have been caused deliberately and they have been left with the Police who are carrying out an investigation." This incident closed at approximately 6am.