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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Key stage 2

A firework

‘Fire Safety’ helps children to learn about the ‘Triangle of Fire’, how a fire can spread, how to extinguish a fire, smoke alarms, home escape plans and what to do if they are trapped by fire.

Key Stage 2 'Fire Kills' Teacher Evaluation
KS2 'Fire Kills' Deliverer's Manual
KS2 'Fire Kills' Presentation
Plan Your Escape Video

Flames Aren’t Games

Grass fires take up a large amount of our Firefighters’ time from Easter through to September. On average we attend 1200 grass fires a year. Almost half of them are during school holidays and more than 85% are started deliberately. Our crews could be putting out these avoidable grass fires when they should be helping someone whose life may be in danger at a house fire or road traffic collision.

Operation Good Guy

A hard-hitting presentation, delivered by our fire fighters, which highlights the explicit dangers of fireworks and bonfires.