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Fire Safety Training for Businesses

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Fire Protection Association (FPA) have developed a cost effective training solution for the businesses of Staffordshire.

A series of Training Information Packs (TIPs) have been produced allowing companies to deliver fire safety training in-house. Topics covered are general fire safety for employees, fire safety in residential care, fire safety in schools and fire marshal training for those employees who accept specific responsibilities in the workplace for fire safety and evacuation.

The packages provide excellent training opportunities and have a comprehensive multimedia experience. They are a cost effective way to carry out this kind of training and once purchased are owned outright by the company with no further costs associated other than running the courses in-house.

"It’s extremely important that businesses do not let fire safety take a back seat during these difficult financial times."

John Berrisford, Business Support Manager

Head of Risk Reduction said: "Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has offered conventional commercial training for many years, however we have recognised the increased financial pressure companies are under which is why the FPA have produced these training packages as an alternative."

John Berrisford, Business Support Manager said: "Companies have the opportunity to deliver their own training using these packages, as the TIPs contain everything that is needed to run a professional fire safety course in-house.

"It also makes refresher training affordable and accessible whilst meeting the legal requirements placed upon businesses. It’s extremely important that businesses do not let fire safety take a back seat during these difficult financial times."

The packs include PowerPoint presentations, student handouts, trainers’ handbook, candidate assessments and certification along with a DVD specific to the audience. The packs currently costs from as little as £155.00 + VAT and the business support team will assist training initiatives, free of charge, being run by any Staffordshire business by providing demonstrations in the delivery of the Training Information Packs.

FPA Marketing Executive, Dominic Louks, added: "Our TIPs have been a huge success since their launch 12 months ago with extremely positive feedback from our members and customers. TIPs offer a complete training solution allowing companies of all types, sizes and training budgets to deliver comprehensive, high-quality fire awareness training in-house.  Increasingly important is the ability for companies to demonstrate how successful the training has been which is why each TIP comes complete with quiz sheets and delegate certificates. With easy to follow step-by-step guidance each TIP has been designed carefully so those responsible for delivering training to staff can do so with no specialist training, although we cater for those who require more confidence with a two-day Train the Trainer course."

The formal two day ‘train the trainer’ course fully supports the packages by complimenting trainer skills with training delivery suggestions and practical experience of fire extinguishers.

 For further information or for a free demonstration regarding the use of the training packs or other business related safety issue, contact Business Support Manager, John Berrisford on 01785 898916. More information on the Business Support Services can also be viewed on the business section of our website.