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Chip Pan Fire in Cannock

An elderly man has suffered burns following a chip pan fire at his home this lunchtime. 

“Chip pans should never be left unattended as they can quickly overheat and ignite."

The call was received just after midday from Tunstall Housing reporting a house fire on Keble Close in Cannock. They had been alerted to the fire by a hard-wired smoke alarm system.

The fire was already out when the fire service arrived and had been caused due to a chip pan that had been left unattended and caught fire. One elderly gentleman suffered burns to his right hand, caused by him removing the chip pan from the heat.

Firefighters initially carried out a check on the man, but paramedics were required to treat the burns.

Assistant Area Commander for Cannock, Carl Mason said:”The elderly gentleman took the chip pan into the bathroom to extinguish the fire, which increased both the risk of the fire spreading and the risk of harm to himself.”

“Chip pans should never be left unattended as they can quickly overheat and ignite, instead we’d encourage people to use thermostatically controlled deep fat fryers instead.  In the event of a chip pan fire we would urge people not to tackle it, instead they should turn off the heat, if it is safe to do so, leave the property, closing doors behind them and ring 999.”

The bathroom has been badly damaged by the fire and the rest of the property has been damaged by smoke. Firefighters left the scene at 1.27pm.