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Deliberate Fire Warning in Lichfield

Firefighters have issued a warning to people who start fires deliberately following three incidents in two days in Lichfield – You could be endangering lives.

On September 1st, crews were called to a bin fire on Meadowbrook Road in Lichfield at 10.40pm. The following day, on September 2nd, crews were called to Oakenfield Road in Lichfield where a skip had been set alight and later that afternoon at 2.15pm were then called to allotments at the rear of St Chad’s Church to extinguish another bin fire.

All three fires are believed to have been started deliberately.

Firefighters spent up to 30 minutes dealing with each incident when they could have been needed at more serious incidents. Lichfield Area Commander, Phil McFarlane said: "Each time we are called to attend deliberately started fires, there could be an innocent person who desperately needs our help elsewhere but we’re tied up dealing with unnecessary incidents.

"This could mean that appliances are delayed in attending a more serious incident and of course whoever set these fires was endangering themselves and members of the public at the same time.

"In incidents like these children are sometimes the culprits, especially during school holidays, so we would like to remind parents to ensure they speak to their children about the dangers of deliberately starting fires – they could seriously injure or even kill someone as a result of their actions."