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House Fire in Tunstall

Fire and rescue crews from Burslem attended a house fire yesterday evening in Tunstall.


"We would encourage people to be more vigilant when cooking"

The call was received just after 10pm from neighbours who reported smoke coming from the property on St Aidans Street in Tunstall. A hard wired smoke alarm had activated which alerted them to the fire.

The fire had started due to a grill in the kitchen that was turned on and left unattended.

Firefighters made entry to the building via the first floor of the house using a ladder and made their way downstairs where they found the occupant asleep in the living room. The gentleman was led out to safety. The fire was already out when fire crews arrived.

Assistant Area Commander for Stoke, Glynn Luznyj said: “We would encourage people to be more vigilant when cooking. Alcohol can make people drowsy and less safety conscious which increases the risk of fire if you are cooking after having a drink.

“Our advice is if you are cooking in the kitchen then stay in the kitchen until you’re finished. When in use, cooking appliances should not be left unattended whether it is a hob, grill, microwave, oven or even a toaster. If any food should catch fire, do not attempt to tackle the fire, turn the heat off, if it safe to do so, get out closing the doors behind you and call 999.”

Fortunately the fire did not cause any damage to the property apart from slight smoke damage. Firefighters left the scene at 10.50pm.