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Older People's Fire Safety

older persons safety

Help keep others safe and make sure their home is Winter Ready!

Older people are statistically proven to be more at risk of fire during the Winter months and are more likely to succumb to ailments as a result of the colder weather. Take a look at the below checklist and tick each of the bullet points off and make sure they stay well this Winter.

  • Install smoke alarms  for them on every floor of the home and make sure they are tested every week
  • Make sure they have an escape route and keep it clear
  • If they have a chip pan, replace it with a thermostat-controlled electric deep fat fryer
  • Make sure all plug sockets are not overloaded
  • If they smoke, make sure they use an ash tray
  • Make sure the filter in the tumble dryer is cleaned regularly
  • Ensure that portable heaters are kept away from curtains and furniture and are not use to dry clothes
  • Make sure that electrical items are still safe to use by checking the Electrical Safety First website
  • Make sure that the chimney is swept regularly
  • Ensure that all candles are secured in a holder

Help is at Hand! We have compiled a comprehensive list of useful services which might help to ease the strain on older people during the Winter months, the list covers all aspects of health, social isolation, dealing with cold homes and financial matters.

Find out more about our free Home Fire Risk Check.
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Olive Branch is a training programme designed for carers and professionals who assist vulnerable members of Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. Find out more.
Get some more useful advice on general safety for the elderly at the Age UK website.
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Find out how we are helping people with Dementia.
For more help and advice on how you can support older people click here.

Our comprehensive safety leaflets are also invaluable in helping you ensure that the homes of your loved ones are safe:

Keep your eyes open flyer
Protect yourself this winter leaflet

Fire safety in the home
Fire safety in the home.pdf

Fire Safety for people with sight hearing or mobility difficulties
Fire Safety for people with sight hearing or mobility difficulties.pdf

Fire Safety for people with sight hearing or mobility difficulties
Fire Safety in winter.pdf