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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Sprinkler Seminar

Having the equivalent of a firefighter, ready and waiting, in every room of your home is the focus of a seminar being held by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service this Friday.

“Domestic sprinklers can save lives, save the environment and save millions of pounds for the economy."

The seminar, called ‘Can You Afford Not To?’ will raise awareness of domestic sprinklers and the benefits they bring. The seminar is being held for key stakeholders involved with the building of residential properties, including councils and housing associations.

Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Chris Enness said: “Domestic sprinklers can save lives, save the environment and save millions of pounds for the economy. Last year in Staffordshire ten people died in accidental fires in their homes. These deaths could have been prevented if sprinklers were fitted. Unfortunately though there are still a lot of misunderstandings surrounding sprinklers and so this will be a myth busting event that will give attendees factual information.

“Wales are close to becoming the first nation in the world to pass legislation to install sprinklers in all new build homes. Here at Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service we believe that with partners we can push for increased use and eventually similar legislation in England.”

Attendees will listen to presentations from experts in the field and will witness first hand a fire in which the practical ability of a sprinkler system is demonstrated. The keynote speaker will be Lord Harrison who last year introduced a Private Member Bill with regards to the installation of domestic sprinklers in new homes.

Seven Sprinkler Stats
• Sprinklers operate once the temperature hits approximately 68ºC.
• The likelihood of a sprinkler operating accidentally is estimated at 16 million to one – you’ve more chance of winning the lottery!
• In domestic house fires Firefighters often use 10 times more water from hoses to do the same job as a sprinkler. This increases considerably with larger buildings or commercial premises - in tackling the Windsor Castle fire, 7 million litres of water were used!
• Statistics show that widespread use of sprinklers could save up to 96% of the 5.6 billion litres of water used annually in the UK to fight large fires - three months supply of water for the entire population of a city larger than Stoke-on-Trent!
• Losses from fires in buildings protected with sprinklers are estimated to be only one tenth of those in unprotected buildings.
• More than 40 million sprinklers are fitted worldwide every year.
• In the UK there has never been a fire death in a fully sprinklered building. US Government employees on business only stay in sprinklered hotels because the Government will not otherwise pay their expenses.