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Firefighters Find and Rescue Missing Dog


A Leek firefighter from has made a couple’s day after he spotted their missing Jack Russell dog trapped in-between two walls on Broad Street in Leek.

"We are so grateful to Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service for rescuing Charlie."

Charlie’s owner Greg Cork

Greg Cork and Sarah Lawton from Eversley Avenue in Leek put a notice in a local paper describing Charlie in the hope that someone had seen him. 

Leek firefighter, Andrew Robinson was off duty when he saw a dog struggling between two walls nearby at just after 3pm this afternoon. He had seen an advert locally about a missing dog called Charlie fitting the description of this dog and so called to the dog by name. When the dog responded to the name ‘Charlie’ he tried to reach him but wasn’t able to and so alerted Leek Station Manager, David Agu.

David Agu said: "Andrew had seen the dog in-between the walls and remembered seeing an advert for a missing dog fitting the description of this dog. A crew from Leek attended, they got to the dog using a ladder and lifted him up to safety.

"The owners were notified and arrived not long after he was freed, they were delighted he was safe and well."

Charlie’s owner Greg Cork, aged 27 said: "Charlie went missing from our home on Friday evening and was not wearing his collar. We were devastated when we couldn’t find him and so put a notice in the newspaper describing him, in the hope someone might have seen him.

"It’d been almost five days since he went missing, when we got the call this afternoon to say he’d been found by a firefighter and that crews had just rescued him from in-between two walls where he’d been trapped.

"We don’t know how long he’d been trapped in-between the walls but he appears to be in good health and was very happy to see us. We’ve taken him to the vets who have said he is ok and just needs a good meal and a rest!

"We are so grateful to Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service for rescuing Charlie and also to Andrew from Leek Fire Station, if he hadn’t have spotted Charlie who knows how long he could have been trapped for."

Crews left the scene at 3.25pm after reuniting Charlie with his owners.