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Elderly Man Rescued from Bungalow Fire


An 83-year-old man has been rescued from a fire in his bungalow at 10.45am this morning.

"The property was very heavily smoke logged and on inspection we have found that the smoke alarm had no battery in it."

Group Manager, Wayne Bowcock

A crew from Longnor arrived at the property on Lane Head following reports of smoke coming from the windows and roof. The firefighters forced entry to the property and spotted the man’s legs under the smoke at the end of the hallway.

The man was conscious but dazed from the heavy smoke so a firefighter quickly dragged the man outside where crews commenced emergency first aid using oxygen therapy.

A crew from Buxton arrived shortly afterwards and entered the property to extinguish the fire, which had started in the kitchen.  Group Manager, Wayne Bowcock said: "The property was very heavily smoke logged and on inspection we have found that the smoke alarm had no battery in it.

"The fire started after a chip pan, which was being stored on the cooker hob, caught fire. It appears the hob the chip pan was on was accidentally switched on and the fire then spread to surrounding pots, pans and kitchen units.

"We would urge people to never store items on cookers and would encourage family, friends and neighbours of elderly people to keep an eye out for such actions as it is a serious fire hazard.

"We would also encourage people to check that elderly friends or relative’s smoke alarms are working, as it may be that they are unable to or have forgotten to do this themselves. Smoke alarms save lives and in this incident, it was incredibly lucky that someone spotted smoke coming from the property and reported it.

"Longnor crews will be in the area over the next few days offering people free Home Fire Risk Checks, during which people can ask any questions they want about fire safety, be given advice and have their smoke alarms checked. We will fit new smoke alarms if existing ones are not working or if there are none fitted, so we would urge anyone who hasn’t already had their free Home Fire Risk Check to call us on 0800 0241 999 and book one."

"Fires in rural areas such as Longnor are less frequent; however incidents such as this highlight the importance of local crews. We are currently recruiting for firefighters at Longnor and so if residents who live within five minutes of the station are interested they should go along to the drill night between 7pm – 9pm on Tuesdays to find out more."

The man has been taken to hospital and crews left the scene at 1.30pm.