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Kitchen Fire in Brewood


A woman and her 18 week old baby were taken to hospital following a kitchen fire above a pub in Brewood at the weekend.

"The baby crying alerted the owners to the fire."

Codsall Watch Manager, Dave Bloomer

Firefighters from Codsall and Brewood were sent to the incident at The Three Stirrups Pub, currently undergoing refurbishment, on Engleton Lane at 9.45pm on Saturday. The fire involved a pan of oil on fire in the first floor kitchen. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire using one hose reel jet.

Codsall Watch Manager, Dave Bloomer said: "The baby crying alerted the owners to the fire. Both the baby and her mum were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure due to smoke inhalation.

"The fire was caused by a pan of oil on a hob that had accidentally been switched on and had then overheated and ignited. The kitchen has been severely damaged by fire and there is smoke damage to the whole of the first floor. A water tank in the kitchen also burst due to the intense heat and so this resulted in water damage to the bar below.

"Pans of oil should never be left on top of a hob, because all too often they can accidentally get knocked, by people or pets, as this incident has highlighted. The living quarters are no longer habitable and so we will be returning before the family move back in to carry out a free Home Fire Risk Check. During the visit we will check that they have working smoke alarms and discuss fire safety in an attempt to prevent any similar incidents occurring in the future."

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service are currently running a cooking safety campaign after statistics revealed that 52% of accidental house fires in the County were caused by cooking. The campaign specifically targets two groups who are most at risk of kitchen fires;  families with children who can become easily distracted when cooking and men aged 40 plus who may get an attack of the munchies after a night at the pub and be tempted to start cooking - then fall asleep leaving their pan unattended. 

As part of the campaign posters have been distributed to public places including shops, local Sainsbury’s stores, pubs and nightclubs, job centres and nurseries. One poster shows a man, beer in hand, asleep on the sofa whilst a pan catches fire on the hob in the kitchen entitled ‘Don’t Make Fast Food Your Last Food. Watch Your Pan.’ Statistics show that 45% of the fires in the last year involved people who were living alone and 1 in 3 fire deaths is alcohol related. The second poster shows a mother on the phone whilst also trying to amuse her daughter whilst a pan behind her catches alight entitled ‘Don’t Just Cook, Look! Watch Your Pan.’ Statistics show that 25% of fires were in the homes of people with children.