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Deliberate Fire at Moorlands Barn


Firefighters from Longnor and Ipstones have attended a deliberate fire this morning in Wetton.

"It baffles us as to what possesses people to start fires deliberately."

Station Manager, Glynn Luznyj

A call was received at 5.40am reporting a fire involving a barn off the Wetton and Alstonefield Road in Wetton. On arrival, firefighters found approximately 10 metres by six metres of the barn alight as well as one tonne of hay.

One main jet and two hose reel jets were used to tackle the fire, which took almost three hours to extinguish.

Station Manager, Glynn Luznyj said: "There was a significant amount of hay being stored in the barn which of course went up in flames very quickly. The fire has destroyed the roof barn and severely damaged the interior - whoever started it has been very reckless.

"This is a remote area so the fire could have gone unnoticed for much longer given the early hour, so it was lucky someone was passing and spotted it. The ground is very dry at the moment from all the nice weather we’ve been having which makes for very dangerous conditions where fire is involved.

"It baffles us as to what possesses people to start fires deliberately. The devastation a fire can cause in so many ways should be incentive enough not to be so stupid.

"Fire kills and firefighters are risking their lives at every incident they attend so for us, whoever starts these fires obviously doesn’t give what they’re doing a second thought."

Anyone with any information about this incident can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

The incident was closed at 8.35am.