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Woodland Fires in Enville


Firefighters are still at a woodland fire which started on Sunday in Million Woods on Bridgnorth Road in Enville.

"The main fire was across open woodland and the windy weather made it very challenging for firefighters to contain."

South Staffordshire Area Commander, Keith Stubbs

Approximately 300 square metres of woodland caught fire at around 6pm on Sunday and crews from Kinver, Wombourne, Codsall and specialist appliances from Cannock were called to deal with the incident.

Two main jets were used to put the main fire out however firefighters remained on scene overnight and all of Monday extinguishing remaining hotspots. Crews from Penkridge, Gnosall, Rugeley and Chase Terrace remain on scene today damping down.

South Staffordshire Area Commander, Keith Stubbs said: "The main fire was across open woodland and the windy weather made it very challenging for firefighters to contain. The fire had already spread underground which makes it very difficult for us to extinguish and takes a lot longer.

"We need to be confident the fire is fully out before we leave the scene and so crews remain on scene continuing to damp down and periodically checking the area with thermal imaging cameras, which will help to highlight any remaining hotspots.

"Once we are satisfied that the fire is properly extinguished we will close the incident. This is likely to take another couple of hours and then a re-inspection of the area will take place later this evening."

Crews from Wombourne, Codsall and three appliances from a neighbouring fire service were also called to fields off Mill Lane in Enville on Friday afternoon. The crews were there until 10.15am on Saturday morning tackling the fire involving a large area of woodland. That fire was found to have been started deliberately.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service launched a new campaign in March to highlight the dangers of deliberately starting grass fires.

The Service tends to see a dangerous increase in grass fires over the Easter Holidays which is put down to children and teenagers starting fires deliberately.

Grass fires can also easily start accidentally and members of the public are reminded to be extra vigilant during the dry weather. Cigarettes should be disposed of safely and appropriately and barbecues should be carefully monitored and not left unattended.