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Hoax Call Attended in Norton Last Night


Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service have blasted the person who made a hoax call to the fire service last night reporting a house fire on Ford Green Road, Norton.

"It’s disgraceful that someone would deliberately seek to waste our time in such a serious manner."

Station Manager, Glynn Luznyj

The caller said he would wait for firefighters outside the Robin Hood Public House.

Two fire engines from Burslem and Sandyford raced to the scene at 11.45pm last night. On arrival they could see no sign of the caller or of a fire anywhere nearby and so asked fire control to re-contact the caller on the number he called from.

Fire control called the number and firefighters heard a public call box phone nearby ringing and answered it to hear fire control on the other end.

Station Manager, Glynn Luznyj said: "It’s disgraceful that someone would deliberately seek to waste our time in such a serious manner. At that time of night when a house fire is reported, you automatically expect people to be in bed asleep and could therefore need rescuing.

"Two fire engines were sent straight away and arrived a few minutes later but there was no sign of a fire and no sign of the person who made the call. Whilst crews were attending this non-existent fire there could have been someone else desperately needing our help but we had two crews tied up searching for a fabricated fire.

"We’ve have no idea what would possess someone to make a hoax call and anyone who does is endangering lives as well as wasting emergency service’s time. Making a hoax call is a crime and the penalties if caught are serious. Rest assured we will be doing everything we can to have the guilty person caught and dealt with appropriately. We will not tolerate malicious calls."

Hoax callers who are identified will be prosecuted by the Police and are automatically issued with a fixed fine of £80. All emergency calls are recorded and can be used as evidence and Fire Control have a database of how many calls have been made from each telephone number. Hoax calls made from mobile phones will result in the mobile number being blocked by the service provider, preventing the owner from using it.

 Listen to the Hoax call