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Communities Set to Benefit from Partners in Action


Local communities in the Stafford Borough are set to reap the benefits of a new scheme being launched this week.


“This is a really exciting scheme that will not only be of advantage to the community but also those working on the projects."

Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive Peter Dartford.

‘Partners in Action’ is a scheme being launched this Friday that involves representatives from various organisations working together on projects that will benefit local communities. Those working on the projects will also receive project management experience and gain new skills and knowledge.

The individuals on the scheme will come from a range of private, public and voluntary organisations (see notes to editor) and they will be given one of three projects to work on over the next year. The three projects are; the development of an information point in Gnosall, the provision of services for the over 50s to meet in the Stone area and a research project to see why excluded groups don’t access services available to them.

Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive for Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Peter Dartford said: “This is a really exciting scheme that will not only be of advantage to the community but also those working on the projects. At a time when the training budgets at many organisations have been reduced this is an opportunity for individuals to gain new skills and to strengthen links with both the community and the partner organisations they will be working with. This scheme is set to be a true example of partners from the private, public and voluntary sectors working together for the benefit of the community.”

Head of Corporate Relations at Staffordshire University, Diane Crook added: “Staffordshire University is committed to the ‘Partners in Action’ scheme and strongly believe that working in collaboration brings widespread benefits. An undertaking to be a strategic partner in community-led initiatives such as this is a vital element in Staffordshire University’s social responsibility programme. We look forward to supporting the scheme and ultimately to celebrating project outcomes later in the year.”

A total of 18 individuals will be working on the project over the next year. They will meet on a monthly basis to work on the project and to also receive support through taught sessions from experts from various organisations involved in the project. They will then be required to set time aside during their working week to carry out work on the project.