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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Firefighters Told To Get On Their Bike


Firefighters in Staffordshire are supporting their fire appliance with pedal power on two wheels in a bid to prevent fires.

"This is an innovative and cost effective way in which we can spread our fire prevention and other safety messages."

Prevention Manager, Neil Pedersen

The move is an initiative by the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and Stafford Borough Council and will see firefighters taking to bikes to better access difficult to reach areas and closer engagement within the community.

There are seven retained firefighters based at the Rising Brook Community Fire Station in Stafford who have received the safety training for the service initiative. The two bikes will be used by the ‘Community Outreach Firefighters’ (COFFS) and have been adorned with fire and rescue service branding.

The aim is to increase visits to areas which are harder to reach for normal vehicles – such as parkland, woodland pathways, canal towpaths and grass fire hot spots. The firefighters will aim to engage with the local community, for instance speaking to boat owners and walkers about fire prevention and safety.

Prevention Manager, Neil Pedersen said: "This is an innovative and cost effective way in which we can spread our fire prevention and other safety messages to areas of the community that are normally difficult for our fire appliances or other vehicles to reach.

"It is also of course, an added way for firefighters to keep fit and encourages other members of the community to do the same.

"Firefighters will be out and about in the Stafford Area in the coming months and we encourage anyone who sees them to please stop, have a chat and discuss any concerns you may have about any safety issues that you are concerned about within your own home or your community"

Norman Jones, Head of Policy & Improvement at Stafford Borough Council said: "This is a perfect example of two partners coming together to make something happen that wouldn’t have otherwise, which will produce a positive outcome for the local community."