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Kitchen Fire in Upper Tean


Cheadle firefighters were called to a kitchen fire off Draycott Road in Oakhill, Upper Tean on Sunday.

"People should never feel afraid or embarrassed to call the fire service, we are here to help."

Cheadle Watch Manager, Ant Ball

The son of the occupants, who does not live in the area, alerted the fire service at around 7.50pm after receiving a call from his elderly mother regarding the incident.

One fire engine from Cheadle went to the property and found the fire was out however firefighters could still smell smoke and asked to inspect inside the house.

An ambulance was also called as an 84-year-old woman was suffering from smoke inhalation.

The woman had cooked a chicken in the oven, taken it out and placed in on top of the oven then put a tea towel over it. The oven hobs however were on and the tea towel caught fire.

Cheadle Watch Manager, Ant Ball said: "The woman told us she had tackled the fire herself but putting water on it and then taken burnt items outside. There has been some damage to the kitchen and the lady had inhaled some smoke and so was taken to hospital for precautionary checks and treatment for smoke inhalation.

"Their son had done the right thing by calling us to go and check it out but we would like to remind people that they should call us immediately in the event of a fire, no matter how small and please don’t try to tackle it yourself.

"People should never feel afraid or embarrassed to call the fire service, we are here to help and would much prefer to deal with even the smallest of fires than see a member of the public tackle it themselves and come into harm’s way."

Firefighters fitted new smoke alarms to the property before leaving and also visited nearby homes to offer free Home Fire Risk Checks.