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Fire Service Talks to Local Community About Change Proposals


Ian Housley

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service is launching a public consultation into some of the proposed changes and developments facing the organisation over the next two years.

“It is crucial that we get the local community involved in consultation on these issues.”

Station Manager, Ian Housley

The Service is in the second year of its three-year Corporate Safety Plan and is asking local residents, businesses and partner organisations such as Staffordshire Police, local councils, neighbouring fire and rescue services and community groups for their views on activities that the Service would like to develop.

The Service has also been reviewing its emergency response resources and is asking local people for their views on a set of proposals prior to a final decision being made by the Fire and Rescue Authority in October. The Strategic Cover Review has so far taken over 12 months and involved managers and staff from across the Service along with union representatives and members of the Fire and Rescue Authority.

“It is crucial that we get the local community involved in consultation on these issues” said Station Manager, Ian Housley. “Not only does it give them a better understanding of how we are trying to develop Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service in the current economic climate, it will also give us a much fuller picture on which our final decisions can be made.”

“What is pleasing is that although we have reviewed a wide range of areas such as our specialist appliances and crewing levels, the changes we have made in other areas of our organisation mean we have been able to keep significant change to a minimum. Whilst the public might see us operating in a different way in the future we have been clear from the outset that we not make any change to the way we operate if it was likely to compromise community or firefighter safety.”

In June and July the Service will also be holding meetings with community room users at its fire stations across the county along with face to face street surveys.