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Dormer Bungalow Fire in Winshill

Operation incident
Operational incident

Firefighters tackled a large fire at a property on Ashby Road in Winshill last night.

The fire involved a fire in the roof space of a detached dormer bungalow. Police officers from East Staffordshire Local Policing Team were on patrol in the area at the time and, coming across the fire, raised the alarm. They also helped the occupants who were leaving the home and evacuated neighbouring properties.

Three crews from Burton and one crew from Swadlincote attended the incident and on their arrival at approximately 11.15pm flames were coming through the roof of the property. The police closed the road to allow firefighters to tackle the fire. 

Station Manager, Paul Richins said: "As soon as the family discovered the fire they did the right thing by getting out and staying out.

"The fire was too severe for firefighters to be sent inside the building and so they fought it externally and also worked hard to ensure it didn’t spread to any adjacent properties."

The roof collapsed as a result of the fire, the first floor has been destroyed and the ground floor has been affected by heat and smoke damage.

The fire was started accidentally – workers were repairing the roof of the property earlier in the day and it is believed that the hot equipment used set alight to part of the roof which has then smouldered through the day before spreading.
Firefighters left the incident shortly after 3am before carrying out a re-inspection this morning.