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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Chip Pan Fire in Stafford

Firefighters are reminding residents to look when they cook following an incident in Beaconside, Stafford last Thursday.

Stafford firefighters were called to the property on Melbourne Crescent at 6.30pm on the 16th. The incident involved a chip pan fire which was out on their arrival as the woman who lived at the house had already tackled it with a damp cloth.

Station Manager, Dermot Hogan said: "Cooking should never be left unattended and chip pans are notoriously dangerous as they can very quickly overheat and burst into flames, as was the case in this incident.

"We never advise people to tackle fires and this woman was very lucky that she managed to extinguish the fire and come away with no injuries."

The incident caused some smoke logging and so firefighters ventilated the property using a positive pressure ventilation system.