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Keeping motorists safe in Stoke-on-Trent

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Keeping our roads safer

Police and partner agencies are to launch a targeted campaign to step-up road safety on the A500.

We want to educate drivers to promote responsible driving and reduce the number of serious injury or collisions. 

Chief Inspector Steve Smytheman

From Monday 3 September mobile speed enforcement cameras will be introduced along the 50mph stretch of the A500, which runs from Hanford to Etruria.

Both the northbound and southbound carriageways will be targeted as part of this latest initiative in a bid to reduce road traffic collisions and protect lives.

The initiative is being undertaken by Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership - made up of various organisations including Staffordshire Police, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Staffordshire County Council and health bodies.

The Partnership is continuing to look at ways to improve safety on this busy stretch of road, which in recent years has seen increased concern from road users with regards to the speed of vehicles using the A500, particularly the 50mph section.

Statistics show that where enforcement is used, the number of collisions reduces. In 2010, when extensive roadworks were undertaken and reduced speed limits imposed, there were no serious road traffic collisions and no fatal road traffic collisions.

Overall across Staffordshire there has been a 65 per cent reduction in serious and fatal collisions where road safety cameras are in operation.

Chief Inspector Steve Smytheman, from Staffordshire Police’s Road Policing Team, said: "In response to community concerns and as part of our ongoing commitment to make Staffordshire roads safer we will be carrying out regular mobile safety camera operations to target speeding drivers using the A500.

"Anyone detected driving over the speed limit may be subject to a fixed penalty of £60 and three penalty points, or a court appearance. 

"However, our road safety operations are not only about enforcement - we want to educate drivers to promote responsible driving and reduce the number of serious injury or collisions. 

"Some drivers may be offered the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course in order to help them modify their driving behaviour and increase their understanding of how speed impacts on road safety.

"Officers from the force’s Road Policing Team will continue to work alongside colleagues from the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership to raise awareness and improve road safety in the area. 

"Through partnership working we can make a difference and reduce the number of people seriously injured or killed on our roads."

Station Manager, Ian Read, said: "Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service are pleased to be able to support road safety partners with this initiative. The service is proactively seeking to work with partners and the community to educate all drivers about the consequences of dangerous driving. Reducing road deaths and injuries is one of our key priorities."

Councillor Ruth Rosenau, Stoke-on-Trent City Council cabinet member for regeneration, planning and transportation, said: "We fully support the campaign to introduce mobile speed enforcement cameras on the A500. The trunk roads in the city help provide excellent access to shops and businesses in the area, but it’s vital that motorists observe the speed limit, not just for road safety reasons but also to help maintain steady traffic flows at busy times. I hope that drivers will understand the safety message and continue to drive safely and within the 50mph limit, both on the A500 and A50."

Mark Clough, Asset Development Manager for the Highways Agency, said: 
"As part of the package of safety measures being implemented on the A500, we have completed an improvement scheme on the southbound carriageway of A500 at Hanford in early August. This work involved resurfacing the carriageway, installing new reflective road studs and white lining. All of which will improve safety for road users.   
"The Highways Agency is looking at what further safety improvements can be made on the A500 in the future."
The Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership publishes its deployment schedules for its mobile cameras on a weekly basis.  Information on these and other road safety advice can be found by visiting their website