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Meir Man Saved by Smoke Alarms


A 57-year-old Meir man was rescued by firefighters from a fire in his flat on Fawn Close at 8.55pm last night, after his neighbour heard his smoke alarms operating and called 999.

"Had it not been for the smoke alarms alerting the neighbour we could have been dealing with a fatal incident."

Group Manager, Brian Griffiths

Firefighters from Longton and Hanley forced entry to the flat which was heavily smoke logged and found the man lying unconscious on the floor. They rescued him and administered oxygen to him outside until an ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.
Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered the flat with a hose reel jet and discovered that the fire had started due to a chip pan being left unattended.

Group Manager, Brian Griffiths said: “The flat was very heavily smoke logged and had it not been for the smoke alarms alerting the neighbour we could have been dealing with a fatal incident.

“This highlights the importance of having working smoke alarms as they not only serve to alert the occupier but can also alert neighbours or passers-by who could make that life-saving call as was the case in this instance.

“This is unfortunately not a rare incident either as we are still attending chip pan fires all too often across the county and would urge people to consider using a deep fat fryer or oven chips as an alternative to a chip pan.

“Chip pans can very easily over-heat – they don’t need to be unattended for long before a fire can break out and chip pans notoriously cause potentially lethal amounts of smoke very quickly.

“The most important thing to do whilst cooking using any appliance is to stay in the kitchen whilst the food cooks - don’t leave it unattended. If you have to leave the room, turn off the appliance until you can return and ensure appliances are turned off and then the pan removed from the ring when you’ve finished using them.”

Firefighters left the scene at just after 10.00pm last night.