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Old Paraffin Boiler Starts Severe Bedroom Fire


Uttoxeter, Cheadle and Derbyshire firefighters were called to a severe bedroom fire at a property on Stramshall Road in Spath, near Uttoxeter this morning.

“Smoke alarms should be fitted on escape routes on each level of the home – the usual appropriate place is the bottom and top of the stairs."

Station Manager, Toby Wilson

The male occupant of the house called 999 at around 8.53am stating there was a lot of smoke in the house but he was unsure where it was coming from.

Fire control asked the man to wait for crews outside where it was safe however on arrival, the man was still inside the house.

Station Manager, Toby Wilson said: “We were called to an incident on Stramshall Road however on arrival at the location we struggled to identify which house it was as there was no one outside and we could not see a house name or number displayed anywhere.

“Once we identified the affected house, firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were sent in to investigate where the smoke was coming from and found a severe fire in progress in a bedroom.

“The fire was caused due to a faulty flue on the boiler and has caused severe fire damage to the bedroom, as well as smoke damage to the other upstairs rooms in the house.

“Luckily the man was unharmed however we would urge people to listen to advice given by Fire Control and to get out and stay out in the event of a fire. We’d also ask that people consider how they would describe the location of their property in the event of a fire and ensure your house name or number is clearly displayed so that we are not delayed in reaching you.”

Whilst in attendance at the property, firefighters discovered four smoke alarms placed in unsuitable locations and all had flat batteries.

Toby added: “Although the man had four smoke alarms fitted in the property, none were in suitable locations and none of them actually worked.

“Smoke alarms should be fitted on escape routes on each level of the home – the usual appropriate place is the bottom and top of the stairs. Smoke alarms also need to be tested weekly to ensure they work as even if you had smoke alarms in every room of your home, if they don’t work they’re pointless. We’ll be running our annual smoke alarm campaign, Push the Button next month, which will involve us reminding the public about the importance of checking smoke alarms on a weekly basis.”

Anyone who does not have any working smoke alarms is urged to call 0800 0241 999 and book their free Home Fire Risk Check, during which firefighters or technicians will fit new smoke alarms free of charge.