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Lucky Escape after Smoke Alarms Dismantled


A woman and her son had a lucky escape from a kitchen fire at 6.50am this morning in Meir.

 "The woman said the alarms had been taken down as they kept bleeping."

Station Manager, Ian Housley

The woman had put some pasta on the cooker to boil but then left it unattended and went upstairs. The pasta caught fire and burnt, causing considerable smoke logging.

The woman only realised there was a fire when she happened to walk back downstairs and see the smoke, as both smoke alarms in the property on Laski Crescent had been taken down.

Both the woman and her son were outside on the arrival of firefighters from Longton, her son received precautionary checks for smoke inhalation and a minor burn to the arm but did not need to attend hospital.

Station Manager, Ian Housley said: “This incident reinforces two important safety messages – don’t leave cooking unattended and never tamper with or remove smoke alarms. The woman said the alarms had been taken down as they kept bleeping, but she was unaware she could have called us for a free Home Fire Risk Check to rectify this.

“It was incredibly lucky that she happened she spot the smoke when she did, otherwise it could have turned into a severe fire and caused a lot of damage to the property or worse.

“We would urge people to test their smoke alarms once a week to ensure they work and if you think your alarms are faulty you can call 0800 0241 999 for free advice.”

Crews carried out a free Home Fire Risk Check where they fitted two new smoke alarms before leaving the incident at 8.05am this morning.