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Brewood Firefighters to Take Part in Extrication Challenge


A team of firefighters from Brewood will be taking part in the UKRO (United Kingdom Rescue Organisation) West Midlands Fire Service extrication challenge this Saturday.

Brewood were named the winners of last year’s regional competition held in Staffordshire.

They will be participating as a guest team against some of the best rescue teams from other UK fire and rescue services.

The challenge is an annual event and gives firefighters the opportunity to demonstrate and practise their skills. The firefighters will be judged on the skills used in releasing trapped casualties from vehicles within a 20 minute time frame.

Each team will be given a different car crash scenario and “trained” casualties acted out injuries which the firefighters had to take into consideration during the extrication.

Firefighter Michael Maybin from Brewood said: “Although there is a competitive aspect to taking part in the challenge, the real reason for the event is to rehearse and demonstrate the life saving skills that we put into practice on a daily basis when we attend road traffic collisions.
“The accuracy and speed of these skills is essential in order for us to continue to assist in reducing the number of deaths on our roads and to provide the best service possible for our community.”

The event will take place this Saturday 11th May at the West Midlands Fire Service Academy in Smethwick from 10am.

The team members are as follows -

  • Watch Manager Paul Danby
  • Firefighter Michael Maybin
  • Crew Commander David Small
  • Firefighter Gavin Fox
  • Firefighter Paul Pugh
  • Firefighter Chris Wiles