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Festival Safety Advice

Festival tips

If you’re attending a festival this year, then we’re here to help! Read our advice below how to keep safe while having fun at the festival with your friends.

BBQ Safety

Planning on cooking some dinner and having a BBQ at the festival? Be very careful! Here are some things you may not know.

  • Fact: Cooking when drunk increases your likely hood of  starting a fire.
  • Fact: Carbon monoxide emissions from dying embers of a barbecue can kill if put in a tent
  • Fact: The carbon monoxide from a badly adjusted camping light or stove can be lethal
  • Tip: Ensure that ash from barbecues has cooled down before disposal as it could result in a grass fire or burns

Festival Staff

Event staff, security, medical staff, and volunteers – these people are here to help make the time safe.  If you encounter problems, you can go to the festival staff and they will help. Most festivals have a medical tent with EMS staff that you can be directed towards and radios for ambulance service.

Be Healthy

Just because you’re there to have fun you need to eat and sleep too. Make sure to get some rest and stay out of the heat of the day. Listen to your body because dehydration can occur very easily.

Have a Buddy System

There are often thousands of people at the festival making it difficult to find people in the crowds. Make sure to keep in a group and always with a buddy when possible.

through your festival experience safely! Below you’ll find a range of advice on what how to stay safe.

Don’t Drink and Drive

car crash

On your way to and from the festival? Make sure you are safe while driving. Your actions have consequences- if you are caught drinking driving you could get a prison sentence or driving ban
  • Fact: If you have been drinking, the alcohol may affect your coordination the following day and you may be over the limit
  • Tip: Don’t drink and drive, If you’re planning on driving to or from a festival, we would advise that you don’t drink alcohol the previous day, to ensure that you aren’t over the limit
  • Tip: Make arrangements prior to the festival as to who in your group will be driving

Buckle up!


  • Fact: Drivers caught without a seatbelt can be issued with £60 on the spot fines. If prosecuted the maximum fine is £500
  • Fact: If passengers in a vehicle are caught not wearing a seatbelt the driver can be fined by police
  • Fact: seatbelts save around 2000 lives every year!
  • Tip: Always wear a seatbelt- drivers and passengers who don’t wear seatbelts in both the front and back of the car are breaking the law