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Festival Safety Advice

Festival tips

For this year’s V Festival we are running a competition via our Twitter page @staffsfire. You could win a pair of VIP weekend tickets with camping for V 2014. Click here for more information about the competition and our activity at this year’s V Festival.

Don’t drink and drive

car crash

  • Fact Your actions have consequences- if you are caught drinking driving you could get a prison sentence or driving ban
  • Fact If you have been drinking, the alcohol may affect your coordination the following day and you may be over the limit
  • Tip Don’t drink and drive, If you’re planning on driving to or from a festival, we would advise that you don’t drink alcohol the previous day, to ensure that you aren’t over the limit
  • Tip Make arrangements prior to the festival as to who in your group will be driving

Buckle up!


  • Fact Drivers caught without a seatbelt can be issued with £60 on the spot fines. If prosecuted the maximum fine is £500
  • Fact If passengers in a vehicle are caught not wearing a seatbelt the driver can be fined by police
  • Fact seatbelts save around 2000 lives every year!
  • Tip Always wear a seatbelt- drivers and passengers who don’t wear seatbelts in both the front and back of the car are breaking the law

Camping Safety

camp fire

  • Fact the carbon monoxide emissions from dying embers of a barbecue can kill if put in a tent
  • Fact The carbon monoxide from a badly adjusted camping light or stove can be lethal
  • Tip Ensure that ash from barbecues has cooled down before disposal as it could result in a grass fire or burns

Mobile phones

  • Never use mobile phones whilst driving - you could be disqualified from driving or riding and get a maximum fine of £1000 and get 3 penalty points