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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

House Fire at Stone

A couple in their 80s were pronounced dead at the scene of a fire in their home in Stone, near Stafford, last night. 

Two crews from Stone were called to the detached house in Lichfield Road at 6.21pm after the alarm was raised by a relative of the couple. 

Group Manager Rob Barber, said: “The house was smoke-logged when firefighters in breathing apparatus entered the property but there was no sign of fire. 

“Two occupants were found on the first floor landing and firefighters removed the couple from the property prior to the arrival of the ambulance service.”

It is believed the fire started in a bedroom. 

“The incident was closed at 12.24am today and a fire investigation to determine the cause of the fire is underway,” he added.    

Staffordshire Police later confirmed that the couple had been pronounced dead at the scene.