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Commendation Event

Commendation image
Alan Matthews, Carl Speakman, CFO Peter Dartford

An off duty firefighter received a certificate of congratulations last night. 

On 18 February, firefighter Carl Speakman was driving when he came across a gentleman lying on the ground who was unconscious.

He went straight over to the man and realised he had no pulse, wasn’t breathing and appeared to have a head injury. 

He performed CPR on him until he started breathing and regained a level of consciousness.

Paramedics then arrived to take over the care of the patient.

Carl’s quick reactions and professionalism in dealing with the incident undoubtedly saved the gentleman's life.

He was presented with a certificate of congratulations last night at Burslem Community Fire Station.

Chief Fire Officer/Chief Executive Peter Dartford said: “I am delighted to be able to recognise the actions of this member of our Service who demonstrated  professionalism and compassion outside of their normal working environment. While I know Carl will not have sought recognition, it’s important that we don’t allow these selfless acts to go unnoticed.”