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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Tips for Cooking Chips Safely


We are urging you not to use traditional chip pans, because they can cause fatal fires.

There are other options for cooking chips which will keep you and your family safer. Please opt for an alternative to chip pans.

Alternative ways to enjoy chips

  • Choose oven chips instead. Not only are they safer to cook but they're lower in fat too
  • Use a thermostat controlled electric deep fat fryer. They can't overheat, safer to use and look better in the kitchen!

Tips for cooking chips safely

If you must cook chips in a traditional chip pan you should follow these fire safety tips - not just during National Chip Week but all year round:

  • Don't cook after drinking alcohol
  • Don't overfill a chip pan with oil - never fill it more than one-third full
  • Take care when cooking with hot oil - it sets alight easily
  • If the oil starts to smoke, it's too hot. Turn off the heat and leave it to cool.
  • Do not leave cooking unattended and avoid leaving children in the kitchen alone when cooking on the hob
  • Make sure food is dry before putting it in hot oil so it doesn't splash

What to do if a pan catches fire

  • Don't take any risks
  • Turn off the heat if it is safe to do so
  • NEVER throw water over it
  • Don't tackle the fire yourself
  • Get Out, Stay Out, Call 999

Whatever you do, don't throw water over the fire and don't move the pan as the effects can be devastating. You should leave the room, close the door and call 999.