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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Various Statistics

Reference No: 009/2014
Request Date: 21/01/2014


I would like to formally ask if you would kindly supply me with any statistics, data or information on the following:

  • The numbers of listed building fires in your communities over the past 30 years.
  • How many buildings where totally devastated by the fires.
  • Fire protection systems (if any) that was in place in these buildings.
  • If any fire protection systems were in place, did these have any positive effect on limiting the spread of the fire.
  • How the fires were started (e.g, arson, electrical appliances, naked flames, defective chimney flues, etc.)


Our system does not capture specifically listed buildings; we believe this information could be requested from Staffordshire Borough Council. If you are able to obtain specific building details please submit a separate FOI and we will endeavour to provide fire details where applicable.