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Fire service donates hose pipes to 'Animal Zone'


Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service has donated dozens of redundant hoses to Lemurs at South Staffordshire College’s Animal Zone.

The 50 flat hose pipes will be used to make swings and climbing frames for the animals housed at the Rodbaston-based Animal Zone and are ideal for this purpose as they are tough, easy to clean and will enrich the lives of many of the animals.

With a mission to improve the lives of everyone in Staffordshire, the Service is dedicated to making the county a safer place to live and is certainly playing a major role in enhancing the lives of the animals at the Animal Zone with its generous donation.  

As a gesture of thanks, South Staffordshire College’s Animal Centre Manager, David Riley, invited Rob Barber, Director of Response, to visit the Animal Zone to receive a certificate of adoption for three of the college’s Ruffed Lemurs.

Drucilla, Haja and Hery, all female Lemurs, have been at the Animal Zone for more than three years and are very popular with visitors.  

Rob was given an official adoption certificate from Vicky Kirkman, Senior Primate Keeper. A plaque acknowledging the fire hose donation will also be on display in the Lemur compound.

Rob Barber accepted the certificate from Vicky, saying "We are 100 per cent supportive of ‘green’ initiatives and, as part of our commitment to this cause we have formed a partnership with South Staffordshire College to recycle old, unwanted lengths of hose at Rodbaston’s Animal Zone.

"The 50 flat hoses would otherwise have been waste material but instead will be installed in animal enclosures and used as swings and perches. We are happy to help the college and this donation will mean they can spend funds on other essential items. We are also delighted to welcome the adopted lemurs into the fire service family."

Thanking Rob for the generous donation, David Riley added: "South Staffordshire College is always delighted to receive donations that will enhance the welfare of its animal collection. The hose pipes will provide the animals with a chance to have fun whilst getting plenty of exercise, which is a key part of their daily routine.  I am sure visitors to the Animal Zone will enjoy watching them use the new equipment."