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Fire service issues warning over e-cigarettes


Firefighters are warning people not to leave e-cigarettes on charge for long periods of time following recent incidents where the devices have exploded.

One crew from Cheadle was called to a property in Conway Grove at 7pm on Saturday, March 29.

The residents had left their e-cigarette on charge for approximately nine hours causing it to overheat and part of it to shoot out of the plug.

A similar incident happened on Thursday, March 27 at Trent Business Park, Power Station Road in Lichfield.

A device had been left on charge for a number of hours and exploded. Firefighters from Lichfield attended the incident shortly after midday.

A further case occurred at a property on Rumer Hill Road, Cannock, during the early hours of March 7

In each case, the e-cigarettes caused some items in the room to smoulder but the fires were out when the crew arrived.

Technical Fire Safety and Fire Investigation Lead Paul Shaw said: "E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular and, with more people using the devices, we are seeing a rise in the number of incidents related to them.

"The people involved in all of these cases were very lucky that the fires did not take hold – the situation could have been a lot worse. I would urge people never to leave their e-cigarette on charge while they are away from the house or asleep and to always follow the manufacturers’ guidance when charging the device."