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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Specialist Equipment Used for Obese People

Reference No: 060/2014
Request Date: 11/06/2014


I would be grateful if you could provide me with the following information under the Freedom of Information Act.

1a) In the calendar year 2014 (the first six months), how many times have firefighters from your service been forced to use specialist equipment to rescue obese people? Please break this down by the age of the person and their gender. Please also provide a summary description of the rescue, i.e. how many personnel and equipment used, and please include the date.

b) Same for 2013


a) One 75 year old woman rescued on 27 January 2014 – 6 firefighters attended.

b) We are unable to get the data requested for the 2013 incidents as information not held.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service does not have any specialist Bariatric equipment and relies on the Ambulance Service to provide this.