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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

DBS Enquiry

Reference No: 081/2014
Request Date: 30/07/2014


  1. Who is your lead officer for DBS checking?
  2. How many DBS checks do you carry out each year, broken down by type eg. Standard, Basic or Enhanced?
  3. Are you a registered body at the DBS that umbrellas other organisations?
  4. Are you currently doing your DBS checks online and if so, what system do you use?
  5. Have you a contract currently with a DBS eBulk provider and if so when does the contract come to an end?


  1. DBS Lead -Julie Ann Edwards
  2. Approximately, 57 per annum, of which 60% are enhanced.
  3. We are not a registered body, we access the service via an umbrella body.
  4. We process DBS Checks online using the eBulk service.
  5. Staffordshire County Council provide this service to use on an ongoing basis.