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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Station Coverage Throughout Staffordshire

Reference No: 099/2014
Request Date: 12/10/2014


Is there somewhere that I can find the information regarding which areas of Staffordshire receive fire cover from which Fire Station?​ If there is not somewhere that displays that information then could that information be communicated by you?


Up until September 2013, fire cover through the command and control system (Firecat) was based on Pre-determined attendances (PDA’s) that were linked to station boundaries (turn out areas).

In September 2013, SFRS went live with a new command and control system (Vision). This system does not need to rely on the old technology of station boundaries and PDA’s, mobilising is based on automatic vehicle location system (AVLS). What this achieves is quickest appliance mobilising rather than nearest, based on the current location of the vehicles at the time of call.

The old station boundaries, which were based on local authority boundaries are still applied but for admin purposes only (prevent and protect work).