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IT Training

Reference No: 011/2015
Request Date: 26/01/2015


  1. In last 2 years have you purchased any it technical training for the ICT /IT department from QA training covering it technical courses such as Microsoft VMware oracle citrix and Cisco.
  2. What is the exact job title of the manger or team leader in ICT/IT department who has made the purchase?
  3. Has the ICT/IT technical department pre-paid for this training, please state amounts.
  4. Have they in the last 3 years purchased a skills licence it training package from QA training please state the amount purchased and the amounts remaining?
  5. Has the buying IT manger secured 3 quotes for the purchase of the skills licence? If so which were the other companies who submitted the exact same skills licence prices?
  6. When will the next skills licence be purchased by the ICT/IT DEPARTMENT?
  7. Who will purchase the next ICT technical training skills licence.
  8. Please provide an ICT department organisation chart.
  9. How many people are there in the ICT department?
  10. Does the ICT / IT technical department purchase IT technical training for products such Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, oracle and citrix in February and March to utilize remaining budget for the financial year if so how do you justify the purchase?


  1. Yes.
  2. ICT Office Manager.
  3. See question 4.
  4. £7,500 Skill Licence, all will be allocated against courses by the end of this financial year.
  5. The licences was purchased through Computacenter (UK) Ltd under the Governments Crown Commercial Services framework agreement.
  6. In the next financial year.
  7. ICT.
  8. Please see attached.
  9. See organisational chart.
  10. No.