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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

House fire statistics

Reference No: 031/2015
Request Date: 12/03/2015


A full breakdown of the number of calls outs the emergency services received in your constituency from 5th March 2013 to 5th March 2015 , including a date for each recorded fire, the reason they were called, IE, House fire and cause of fire, IE kitchen appliance, cigarette, etc. Please also state whether or not each property had a fire alarm.  In addition, I would like the number of injuries and fatalities recorded.

  • Here’s further breakdown of each question.
  • How many house fires have occurred in your constituency in the past two years (since March 2013)?
  • What date (day, month, year) was each fire recorded?
  • What was the cause (kitchen appliance, cigarette, etc) of each fire?
  • Did these properties have smoke alarms (yes or no)?
  • How many people were injured as a result of a fire?
  • How many people were killed as a result of a fire?


Please see spreadsheet.