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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

CFO Year on Pay Rise

Reference No: 023/2015
Request Date: 26/02/2015


  1. Please provide specifically the level of pay rise, year on year, by percentage or cash terms of the Chief Fire Officer/Chief  Executive from financial years 2010/11 to 2014/15. I do not wish to be pointed to pay policy or pay banding data on a website.
  2. Please also state if the CFO/CEO is in receipt of a fire  fighters pensions (i.e. has been re-employed on abatement).
  3. Please let me know if the CFO/CEO is included on an operational  duty rota.


Please note that the information you are requesting regarding pay is considered reasonably accessible by other means under section 21 of Freedom of Information and therefore details have been provided to assist you in locating the information on our Website.

You will see from the statement of accounts that the CFO substantive salary remains unchanged since 2008/9. With an additional note on the 2013/14 statement: Page 50 Note 24 Officer's Remuneration: Note 1: CFO salary includes a recognition payment of £4310.

The pay information can be found from our home page
Click on the 'About Us' section. Click on the 'Our Finances' section, Statement of Accounts:               

2010/11 - Pages 42 & 43 - Note 24 Officer's Remuneration
2011/12 - Pages 45 & 46 - Note 24 Officer's Remuneration
2012/13 - Pages 45 & 46 - Note 24 Officer's Remuneration
2013/14 - Pages 50 & 51 - Note 24 Officer's Remuneration
2014/15 Salary and pension contributions are the same as 2013/14.

The CFO is included on an operational duty rota.