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Multi-functional device contracts

Reference No: 056/2015
Request Date: 04/06/2015


Please can you confirm the following questions regarding your current Multi-Functional Device (MFD) that Print/Copy/Scan/Fax & desktop printer contracts? 

  1. What are the start and end dates?  Is there an extension period?
  2. How many MFD’s do you currently have in use?  How many printers do you have in use? 
  3. What makes, models and specifications do you have? 
  4. What is your current colour and mono volumes for MFD and printers PA? 
  5. What is your MFD spend PA? 
  6. What is your printer spend PA including consumables and maintenance ? 
  7. Do you have a print room for high volume print or do you outsource?  How many FTE staff?
  8. Who controls these projects for the authority? Eg ICT contact?
  9. Will you be using a framework for the next procurement or will you be doing your own procurement process? If yes, which framework?


  1. The start dates are January 2010 and January 2013. The end dates of all contracts is September 2017
  2. Printers – 43, MDF’s – 61
  3. Sharp DXC200FK, Sharp DXC310, Sharp MX4112ND, Sharp MXC381, Sharp MX2310UFK, HP Laserjet, Xerox Colour Cube, Xerox Colour S60V_B.
  4. Mono 965,000, Colour 681,100
  5. £95,700
  6. £1050 Consumables. Maintenance is done in house
  7. We have a print room, there are 5 members of staff – this is not there main job roles.
  8. Projects for printing are managed by Communications Department. Printer contracts are managed by the Procurement Officer
  9. For the next procurement of printer contracts we will be using a framework in the first option. We will see what frameworks are available at the time.