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ICT technical training

Reference No: 058/2015
Request Date: 08/07/2015


  1. What budget has been allocated for ICT technical training from 1st April 2015 to the 31st of March 2016?
  2. Can you please provide details of the ICT Managers/Mangers that will purchase ICT technical training?
  3. Please can we have a list of RFQ (Request for Quotes) for any training that will be purchased within the coming 12 months?
  4. Is there ICT technical training required to be purchased within a certain time-frame?
  5. Can I have a list of any ICT software Upgrades planned for the new financial year?
  6. Can I have a list of any hardware upgrades planned for the new financial year?
  7. Can you provide copies or details of any ICT projects?
  8. How much ICT technical training, has been purchased from QA Limited since first of April 2015?
  9. Do you currently have any skills licences purchased with QA Limited?
  10. If so can you please provide a usage report?
  11. Can you please provide details of the ICT Managers/Mangers that will purchased the licence?


  1. £7500.
  2. ICT Office Manager
  3. Information not held
  4. 01.04.15 – 31.03.16
  5. Windows 10 & Windows 10 desktop
  6. Rolling programme of replacement reviewed annually
  7. Agile developed systems Firewatch / Seed
  8. None
  9. Yes
  10. Information not held, we would request this from QA as and when required
  11. ICT Office Manager, Tracey Merrington

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