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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Bariatric rescues

Reference No: 069/2015
Request Date: 23/06/2015


1) How many times have firefighters from your force been called out to rescue severely obese/overweight people – known as bariatric rescues - from January 2013 to date?

I would like this information broken down by month and by number of incidents.

I would also like specific detail on each incident. For example, to include the type of equipment used to rescue individuals, such as specialist lifting or extraction gear, the number of firefighters who attended the scene, who called and the specifics and location whereby the person needed rescuing such as: a person who became trapped between seats on a coach, a person who became stuck in a bath and funeral directors who could not lift a 35 stone coffin. I am aware of such incidents having already been recorded in this time frame.

Crucially, as well as why firefighters were called, I also require information per incident as to whether or not it was recorded as a life-threatening condition requiring urgent assistance.

Please present the information clearly.

2) I understand that responsibility for responding to, and caring for, bariatric patients rests with the health service. However, the skills and specialist equipment of your Technical Rescue Unit are sometimes also needed. I understand you may charge for some Special Service Calls, which include bariatric cases, unless someone’s life is in danger, please also confirm whether this is the case for your force.


Row Labels Count of INCIDENT_NO
Jan-12 1
Jun-12 3
Jul-12 1
Aug-12 3
Sep-12 2
Nov-12 2
Dec-12 4
Feb-13 2
Mar-13 2
Apr-13 1
Nov-13 2
Dec-13 2
Jan-14 1
Feb-14 1
Mar-14 1
Apr-14 1
May-14 1
Aug-14 1
Sep-14 1
Oct-14 2
Dec-14 1
Jan-15 3
Feb-15 1
Mar-15 1
Apr-15 2
Jun-15 2
Grand Total 44

Please see spread sheet.

2) We do not charge for Bariatric rescues at this moment