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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

False alarm attendance in last 12 months

Reference No: 076/2015
Request Date: 07/07/2015


1. How many false alarms did the fire and rescue service attend in the most recent 12-month period for which records are available?

2. What proportion of those related to hospitals and other National Health Service facilities?

3. Does the service levy any charge for repeat attendances to false alarms and, if so, what is the charge?

4. If charges are made, how much has a) been recouped from or b) remains owed by hospitals and other NHS facilities.

5. If no charges are presently made for false alarms, is this a practice which is being considered by the service?


1 & 2

Row Labels Count of INCIDENT_NO
False Alarm Equipment 1319
False Alarm Good Intent 2045
False Alarm Malicious 125
Grand Total 3489
Row Labels Count of INCIDENT_NO
Hospitals and medical care > Hospital 119
Hospitals and medical care > Other (including surgery) 28
Residential Home > Nursing/Care 72
Grand Total 219

3 4 & 5

We do not make any charges for these types of calls, we like to work with the businesses to reduce demand through prevent and protect teams.