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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Prohibition notices

Reference No: 100/2015
Request Date: 26/08/2015


With reference to the above we hereby request a list (preferably in an excel format to be sent by email to detailing information on Prohibition Notices (not Enforcement Notices solely) served since 1 January 2010. Please include the following columns insofar possible.

  • Full Postal Address with Post Code
  • Property Type (e.g. offices, workshop, flats etc.)
  • Recipients Name/Party ofwhom notices was served
  • Correspondence Address of Recipients Name/Party
  • Telephone No. ofNamed Party
  • Details of Failure
  • Date Notice served
  • Date Remedial Works were completed (if applicable)
  • Whether Notice is still to be complied with (Yes/No)
  • Your Reference


Please see our spreadsheet, also this is already in the public domain, follow the below link: