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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Payroll, BACs and HR Systems

Reference No: 103/2015
Request Date: 10/09/2015


  1. When your current contract with HR and Payroll software expires.
  2. When your current contract with BACs payment software expires.
  3. Where/if these services will be tendered.
  4. Are you joined to another fire service with regards to the above information?

Where there is no contract or expiry, if you just put the number and N/A, I would be very grateful.


System Expiry Date Vendor Joined to another fire service?
HR Rolling Contract Infographics No
Payroll Rolling Contract Infographics No
BACs Rolling Contract Infographics No

Where these services are under contract they are provided by Staffordshire County Council as part of an ongoing service level agreement. The exception being HR were a new resource management system has recently been introduced by the Service