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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Response Standards

For an Incident to be measured against our response standards it has to meet the following criteria:
Life Risk Incident

Minimum Two Pump attendance
When both of the above criteria are met then several other factors are taken into consideration to determine the risk of the incident

Lone Pensioners
Rented Accommodation
Single Parent Families
Limiting Long Term Illness
Indices of multiple deprivation
Population Density
Number of life risk incidents in that area

After this a response time is applied:

High Risk
1st Pump - within 8 minutes
2nd Pump - within 13 minutes

Medium Risk
1st Pump - within 10 minutes
2nd Pump - within 15 minutes
Low Risk
1st Pump - within 18 minutes
2nd Pump - within 23 minutes  

There is no set standard for crew numbers.