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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Breakdown of 'green book' employees job type and highest level of education

Reference No: 117/2015
Request Date: 15/10/2015


Please can you provide the following information regarding your 'Green Book' employees:

  • Total No. of  employees
  • A breakdown and total of each job type / pay grade (i.e total number of Administrators, Managers, Technicians etc)
  • Proportion of, and by 'job type', of highest level of education amongst Green Book employees (I believe this data is available from Firewatch)


We have the following breakdown of staff by broad job type:

Admin/Technicians 117
Supervisors  43
Managers  25
Directors  2

I have used Grades 2 -  5 as Admin or Technician, 6-7 as Supervisory, 7 and above as Managers.

26%  hold HE Qualifications
57% hold FE Qualifications
17%  hold SE and other specialist Qualifications.

83% of the workforce hold a FE Qualifications or higher, and 100% of this cohort are Grade 4 or higher.