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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Vehicle extractions

Reference No: 130/2015
Request Date: 14/12/2015


I would be very grateful if you could provide answers to the following questions.

  1. In the past 12 months (1 year period), how many vehicle extractions have you performed?
  2. Of these accidents, how many victims were extracted from a vehicle through a window or a window having to be smashed or removed to allow the extraction of the victim?
  3. How many victims had already sustained glass injuries prior to the direct extraction from emergency services?
  4. If you had to access through a window, how many victims sustained glass injuries as a direct result of the window access performed by the emergency rescue services?
  5. If victims suffered glass injuries as a direct result of the window access or window being smashed/ removed, how many victims had the following injuries?
    1. Eye injuries?
    2. Facial injuries?
    3. Upper body injuries?
    4. Lower body injuries?
  6. If injuries were caused during the extraction of the victim, what were the injuries and severity of the injuries?
  7. During the extraction of the patient, what percentage of the victims brought to NHS for treatment had protective film used over the glass by the emergency recovery service to prevent glass entering the area listed in question 5, injuring the patient?
  8. During the extraction of the victim, what preventative measures are taken to protect the victim from the breaking and broken window and screen glass?
  9. Do you use a protective film to prevent the breaking screen and window glass from the victim?
  10. What is the manpower required to protect the victims from the glass during extraction?
  11. What is the cost in preventing glass fragments from the victim?


RTC's 01/01/2015 - 23/12/2015

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