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Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service - Preventing, Protecting, Responding

Control room staff

Reference No: 008/2016
Request Date: 21/01/2016


  1. What is the current establishment of personnel employed in the rank/role of control room staff?
  2. How many of the establishment are watched based? Please provide a breakdown by rank/role.
  3. How many control staff rank/role holders are deployed elsewhere within the Fire and Rescue Service? Please provide a breakdown of what role they fulfil.
  4. What was the total number of days lost to sickness absence by control room staff in the past 12 months? Please break down by month.
  5. What was the total amount of overtime paid to control room staff in the past 12 months? Please break down by month.
  6. What shift system do control staff work?
  7. What is the minimum control room staffing levels for each shift? Please provide a break down by rank/role.
  8. On how many occasions have control rooms operate below the minimum staffing levels in each month of the last 12 months? Please provide information about the staffing levels on these occasions and break down by rank/role.


We can confirm that we do not hold this information as Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service operate a shared fire control facility with West Midlands Fire Service and the staff are employed by West Midlands Fire Service.